Tell me, what do you see?
“Reflections of your mind, I read
Mirrors of your soul,
The window to your heart”, I see

My heart races, with a constant gaze at those eyes
Those eyes too pure and honest in aught to cloak the sweet soul shinning through them…
It is the doorway to the heart, I’ve heard
The place where love resides
Shines forth like the brightness of a new dawn

When you stare at me with those beautiful eyes,
I just can’t help but smile from cheek to check, engulfing my eyes…
And feel the ‘heebie-jeebies’
Those beautiful eyes really mesmerize me, leaving me with goosebumps each time they come in contact with mine…
As sparkly as diamonds…
When I see pain in your eyes, I wouldn’t mind sharing in your tears,
When I see joy, then share with me, your smile
Cos your eyes are deep oceans in which my dreams are reflected

Even when I shut my eyes, it makes pictures of you in my head
You are just everywhere in my sight
I feel your presence in your absence…
‘Eyes’ that long to see ‘us’
‘Eyes’ that only sees ‘us’
Eyes that communicate even when words elude us…
That’s all I see; all I want.

Promise me twill always be like this…


Inspired by true love


Life and death

Have you ever watched someone die?
In your arms they lie lifeless,
Their breath ceased
Your tears couldn’t bring them back, nor your screams…
For some seconds you wished you were a magician…
If you could give life or turn the hands of time…
If you could conquer death…
Or become some sort of ‘god’

God gives, God takes… Those words mean nothing to you now
Why now, why me, why? … It’s all rhetorics

They are gone, never gonna walk on the surface of the earth…
The memories are always there,
It never fades… Feels like yesterday
The feeling of that day never goes
Your heart skips with a flash back
Cold feet… Can it ever stop?

Their presence could be felt at times
You miss them every single day…
Forever, they sleep…

Death!… Humans wish you could be conquered!
If only…

#Inspired by the living #

#Rosie_Diamond 14/01/19